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JDK 5, JDK 1.5, JRE 5, JRE 1.5, Java SE 5, Java SE 6 are such programs. There are also some Open Source alternatives, such as IcedTea, Apache Harmony, or Open JDK.


Some operations system, such as many Linux distributions or preinstalled Windows, comes with bundled Java.


Upgrade pack from JRE to full JDK is not available in Sun distribution. Debian GNU/Linux uses can perform JRE to JDK upgrade simply by installing -jdk package such as sun-java5-jdk.


Many people found that just deleting entire cache directory by hand is easier for them. It can be tricky on Windows, because Smart Cache is creating long path names and windows explorer (standard gui shell) cant delete very long path names.


I simply do not understand why Squid documentation writes that using transparent proxy can open new security hole.


Some versions of JRE/JAVA gives more detailed error messages. If you get something like Port is already in use look at 1 or 2. If you get Not a local address look at 3 or 4.


Some people tries to set up transparent proxy when using BindAddress with wildcard for example BindAddress 192.168.*.*. There are wrong. Transparent proxy requires special TCP/IP setup, not Smart Cache's setup. See Using Smart Cache as transparent proxy, Section 9.8.


Older SmartCache has in default config files browser faking enabled. I never notice it, but this was reported by some users and removing browser faking solves this problem.


Ignoring reload requests is a great thing for web-forwarders and for increasing productivity in office (WEB-CHAT-style pages will stops work; There are quite useless if users can't reload every XX minutes. Also I find, that many users are bored in work and do not have anything other things to do than pressing Reload on their favourite servers every 10 minutes).


SC need Java but JDK can not be distributed in the same way as SC. You must include JRE instead, which can be redistributed without problems.


It is interesting that many users reported to me that SC is faster than Squid, after their switched. I have a very few experience with Squid now.


Because I am lazy programmer, my registration number check was very easy. It considers everything what's begins with HTTP as good registration number. I have fun to giving everybody (for free) who ask for serial number horrible long numbers such as HTTP-CACHE-3122578-Hwrd734-bvfdrt4365-3234343. Nobody ever noticed that Smart Cache works even with 'bad' numbers.


VSB - Very Stupid Bug.

Smart Cache Manual


Radim Kolar